Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I've been up to lately: Pendants and Portable Light Box

More New Pendants

Pictured above is a photo of some of more of my Art Pendants I've created using dominos, and round glass pieces.
I've been struggling with getting good photos of these because of the shiny surface of the resin and glass.  There is usually way too much glare to get a good picture.  I took this photo using a light box I recently made using foam core and white construction paper.   (See picture below)

Soccer Bag Domino Tag

I've been busy helping coach my daughter's select soccer team this summer.  I made these domino name charms for their soccer bags.  They turned out great!  I drilled a whole in the domino's, stamped a soccer ball in the corner and used Ranger alcohol inks to color the rest of the domino in their team color.  I then sealed the top with a light coat of modge podge before writing their names.  Next I wrote their names using a Sakura Souffle pen.  To make them durable I poured a thin coat of resin on the tops!  I think they turned out great!
Take Apart/Portable Light Box

This is a portable light box I made using foam core and construction paper.  The link for the Tutorial is here.  It's a great way to make an inexpensive light box that you can disassemble when you need to store it and assemble again when you are ready to take photos of your work.