Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Whimsical Goat!

I'm still working on art pieces for the Fiber Fusion Northwest and I'm having a great time doing something new and different.  I really like taking the original drawing/painting of the animal and then using photoshop to set it on a background.  Photoshop is fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alpaca Art

I have a friend who owns and operates an alpaca farm (Alpacas from Mars) and she asked me to create a few pieces of alpaca art and jewelry for her to have at her booth at the Fiber Fusion Northwest event.  Here are a few of the pieces that I came up with.  I plan on making some pendants, magnets, notecards and prints.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finding Balance between Life and Art: Setting Short Term Goals

I've been feeling really guilty about not creating much this summer, and for neglecting my blog and facebook for the past few weeks.  On the other hand I also have a guilt complex about not spending enough time with my girls while I have the opportunity this summer.  So, for the past few weeks, I've put my art on the back burner and focused on my kids and family.  I've been assistant coaching my daughters select soccer team (and I'm loving it!), and I've been trying to spend more time playing with the girls, taking them and their friends inner tubing, or just hanging outside with them while they swim in the lake and play.

But now it's time to dive back into art...and I'm excited!  My long term goal is to simply SELL MY ART!  I have several short term goals that i've set to help me reach that goal, and I intend to accomplish each of these before the first of the year.  I'm listing them here so I can be held accountable!

  1. Reorganize all art supplies and give away what I don't need, want or use.  
  2. Apply to be a part of a local art gallery and bring some of my smaller paintings, prints, cards and      jewelry to be considered.
  3. Continue improving my blog and website.
  4. Create at least one more video tutorial.
  5. Complete at least 2 pieces of artwork each month.
  6. Revisit and complete some of the online courses I haven't been able to finish.
  7. Submit something to either a Somerset or Cloth Paper Scissors Reader's Challenge.

I think that ought to do it!  I'm going to be a busy girl!  But I'm ready and eager to get started!  What are your short term goals?  It helps to get them out there, on your blog, facebook or just verbalized to someone you trust in your life to hold you accountable.  I am notorious for having goals and then getting distracted and leaving them by the wayside.  My best intention is to stick to these few things and see them through.  I have 3.5 months right?

Here is a link to an article that tells a story, illustrating the importance and effectiveness of setting short-term goals.  Maybe reading it will help you to set your goals, both long and short!