Thursday, May 24, 2012

Works in Progress...

It's a busy, busy time of year.  As the assistant coach for my daughter's select soccer team I have been busy with a recent  soccer tournament, and soccer try-outs this week.  I haven't had much time to myself for painting, but I thought I'd share what I started yesterday.

This painting is on a 24" x 30" stretched canvas with a 1.5" profile.  It will be one of my bigger pieces when it's done.  I love the sturdiness and feel of this size canvas, especially the 1.5 profile.  It just feels solid and quality built.  I think I'm done with the thinner profile canvas's from now on, unless I plan on framing them.

Of course, this probably won't look anything like it does now when I'm done with it.  But I think it's fun to see it progress through out the process of creating it.

Random Mark Making 
More Marks and Drips
Trying to find some shapes...
I'm also trying to fit in two online art courses, thank goodness I can work at my own pace on these!  This next picture is the result of a 30 minute painting exercise from Wyann's "Paint Free" class.  I have to admit, I went over the 30 minutes, so now I feel like I need to repeat the assignment with a better handle on the time.  I guess I sort of cheated on this one because I think I painted for more like an hour.  Oops! Here it is:

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Memorial Day weekend! Hopefully we can all get some creative time in there too!


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 155 Faces Video

Not too long ago I talked about sketching 100 faces and then sharing them here.  I've finally put together a video featuring 155 faces from past and present...and I'm still drawing and sketching and painting them!  Stylized, whimsical, fantasy...I like them all.  My "face" art doesn't seem to interest the art gallery much, but they are still one of my favorite things to paint and just have fun with! Most of these are from my art journals and sketchbooks but a few of them are actual paintings on canvas.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think, comments are always welcomed and appreciated, and serve as a huge source of inspiration for me.  Even constructive criticism is okay:)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My first Check from the Bluewater Artworks Gallery...Yay!!!

It's not much, but it's my first! Having never sold anything from a gallery before, this is very exciting for me!

I only sold a few pendant necklaces, but it's a start and I'm still doing my happy dance today! Now just keep your fingers crossed that a few of my paintings sell as well!

I had a few more paintings accepted into the gallery as well! This one and my triptych I blogged about a few weeks ago.

It should be a good time to sell art at this gallery in particular, as it's located in a small waterfront town that gets a lot of tourist action when the weather gets nice and people visit by boat.

I'm hoping I sell something soon to help offset the cost of some of the framing!

My husband commented that this check was a nice "souvenir"...I didn't like that comment!!! So if I sell a few paintings, maybe he'll be a little more impressed! It's been a struggle to get him on board with my "art thing"... But he's slowly coming around!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Domino Art Pendant Tutorial: The moment has finally arrived!

In a previous post I announced that I had won a contest on  In exchange for a 
Modahaus Steady Stand (a portable, tabletop photography "studio", shown in the pictures above), I would make a pictorial, or video tutorial using the Modahaus products....Well I'm excited to present to you, my newest video tutorial, "How to Make a Domino Art Pendant"! All the still shots and the close up video clips were made using the Modahaus Steady Stands.

This video tutorial takes you step by step into the process of making your own domino pendant, using your own artwork and a 2 part resin for the perfect topcoat finish.  Don't let the word "resin" scare you away!  It's so much easier than it sounds! Hope you enjoy, and as always, suggestions, questions, comments are alway welcomed and much appreciated!