Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've been in Jewelry mode!

Here is some more jewelry I've been creating...I love creating charms and dangles and wire wrapped beads and combining them into interesting pendants, bracelets and necklaces!

A great way to get some creative time in each day!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This is what happens when I avoid housework...

Not the greatest picture, but I had a lot of fun making these beaded charms. A few days ago I had the pleasure of going to a bead warehouse called Shipwreck Beads. I used some of my stashed money from Christmas.. Wow, talk about visual stimulation overload. I was simply overwhelmed by the size of this place and the volume of beads and other jewelry making supplies. It didn't take long to spend almost $200!!! yikes, I always have buyers guilt after spending that kind of money. 

At any rate, I have plenty to keep me busy for a long while! I couldn't resist the urge to sit down as soon as the kids were off to school.  Of course I really should have been doing laundry, vacuuming, planning dinner etc... Now it's almost time for the kiddos to come home and (shameful) I'm still in my PJs! Oh well...now I have some cute new elements to add to my jewelry projects. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life Happens...But, I'm Back!

So first I wanted to apologize for being gone so long! As you all know, life can have a way of distracting you from your true passions.  My two beautiful girls 11 and 15 are growing in to such beautiful young ladies, and my heart and time is devoted to their lives first, before art.

I've never been good at managing my time, and as our lives have gotten busier with competitive gymnastics, select soccer, high school sports, choir practices/performances, coaching etc...my time for art and art related activities has dwindled quite a bit.

While my heart belongs to my family first, I also have realized that I can't be the best Mom/Wife/Friend to those I love, unless I make some time for art play of my own.  I miss being involved in this blogging community of creative thinkers.  I miss seeing what you all are up to, and I miss sharing my own work and techniques.  I miss the feedback and support that you are all so good at lending, and I miss giving support and feedback to others as well.

My time is still limited of course, but I am going to make every effort to get my feet wet again.  I'm hoping to complete some more video tutorials, and I have a few great ideas up my sleeve...but for now,
apologies....I've missed you.....and

I'm Back! Yay!