Friday, July 20, 2012

Thrift Store Finds and Creative Art Journal Tutorial

I don't know about you, but I get totally excited when I run across great deals at the thrift store! I found  13 of these books for $1 each at Goodwill the other day. The reason they are so great is that they are all hand bound with gorgeous heavy weight, slightly textured paper with deckled edges. 

These books will make beautiful art journals and I'm thinking I will prepare the pages for journaling, create unique/artful covers and then list them on my Etsy shop. When I finish a few of these I will be sure and post pictures.

Don't you just LOVE inexpensive "Retail Therapy"! This is just what I needed to get back on track.
Summer vacation with kids out of school has thrown me for a loop for some reason. I love spending more time with my kids, but can't seem to balance that with my creative, art making, blogging side.
So........Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I'm feeling really guilty about that. I've set a new goal for myself to post at least twice a month until School is back in session, and then at least once a week.  

At any rate, thanks for sticking with me. I promise new and fun things to come on this blog!

Finally, I found this great video tutorial on how to make a great journal recycling your collection of greeting cards from various occasions. I really enjoyed the creativity that went in to creating these journals, and the simple technique used to make them.  

For more great journal tutorials and a very fun blog visit Jennibellie at Jennibellie Studio. I just discovered her today on Youtube and really enjoyed her blog as well. I think you will too!

Have a fantastic, creative weekend!