Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Drawing Video Demos of Darrel Tank's 5-pencil drawing method

Free video demos of Darrel Tank's 5-pencil drawing method

This is a free Drawing class that you can take online. I just signed up for it and watched the videos on what materials you need to get started. I want to practice drawing more realistic portraits, and learn to draw in different styles, different facial features etc...I'm doing this because I feel like all my faces look the same and I don't feel like I've come up with a style all my own. I know that it will come with lots of practice, and I can practice drawing anytime, anywhere, and very inexpensively too. There are a lot of free drawing tutorials all over the web. If this one isn't up your ally, keep looking and share what you find!

If you would like to learn to draw, or improve on the skills you have, come join the fun and check it out! I[/pf you have a favorite drawing tutorial/website...please share in the comments section!


  1. Beautiful Kristen!! I actually had saw this and saved this youtube site to look at--I love to sketch and I surely could use some pointers!

  2. HI Kristen, thanks for sharing. i find these videos very interisting.
    I saw by student portraits a name Kristi Watts, are you who painted these portraits?

  3. Hi Diane, I can't wait to get more practice sketching and developing some different looks to what I sketch, I feel stuck right now, so I'm hoping this will help. Thanks for stopping by!

    And Maria, no I'm not "Kristi Watts", so I can't claim them as mine...Hoping to produce some art worthy portraits someday though! Thanks for coming by!


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