Saturday, April 16, 2011

My new and improved art studio

I can't believe how much fit into this cabinet (a tv cabinet)! I was able to put just about all the art supplies I need into it! And because its a corner unit, I was even able to fit larger canvases and papers in the very back!
My laptop and lights are all plugged in with cords out the back behind the unit.  All in all I think it looks pretty good, and I can always close the cabinet doors!

We have been remodeling the house recently so there was no longer a place for my art...until now. I guess when i'm forced to be organized I really can do it!  I used an old dishwasher silverware holder to organize all of my sharpies and some other felt pens, I have also found that photo boxes are great for holding all sorts of things, in fact I use them for almost everything! Small stackable drawers hold all of my drawing supplies, colored pencils and copic markers.  I use recycled food cans to house most of my paintbrushes and the little corner shelf usually has a lot more paints in it, so they stand up better than in the picture.  I'm so excited about my new little space!
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