Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best of intentions gone astray...

I had the best intentions of getting out of the house today and getting some errands done,but I sat down to mess around with my bullets, beads and wire...and before I knew it, the kids were home from school! Oops, Hubby won't be happy with my lack of household productivity today, but I just couldn't put the stuff down! Do you know what I mean? It's a combination of joy and guilt all at the same time. I should have been cleaning, shopping, cooking...but I PLAYED instead! Here is what I created today (and last night). These are pendants and earrings made using recycled bullet casings, beads and wire.
I'm not super great at the wire wrapping yet, but I sure am having fun playing with all of it! The pictures don't convey the colors well...but this one below is made from silver colored bullet casing and the wire is copper and silver. This one is my favorite.
This next one, REALLY didn't photograph well. The casings are brass, wire is copper and the beads are various shades of purple. The purples didn't come through we'll in the photo.
Just like the one above, the purples in this didn't come through. It is all silvers, purples and copper wire.
I just couldn't photograph this one at all. It's very simple and very pretty, silver with the turquoise bead wrapped in silver and crackled marble below.
Last but not least, these cute earrings are made of brass .22 shell casings, brass wire and copper wire hearts with purple and green accent beads.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with most of these. But now, I must go and accomplsh something of value to my husband or ill never hear the end of it!

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