Friday, January 7, 2011

My very own art tutorial: Recycled Dryer Sheets for Mixed Media Art

For this project you will need used dryer sheets and freezer paper (shiny side up).  You will also need some adhesive, I suggest using an acrylic gel medium or a book binding glue (that's what I used).  I love the book binding glue because it's meant to be flexible and dries super quick!  You will need an inexpensive brush to apply the adhesive as well.

You will want to have some papers to collage onto most of the surface, as this is what gives the dryer sheet the strength to be used in sewing projects and such.  I've tried tissue paper, napkins (stripped down to one ply) and painted or dyed paper towels.  I think I like the thickness, texture and strength of the paper towel the best.  Scrapbook papers work well too, but I would use the thinner variety.

You need a variety of acrylic paint colors.  I used Golden fluid acrylics, but anything should work well.  I also used colored copic markers, a sharpie, stamps and different objects to scrape and spread the paint around.

I am still experimenting with this technique (using the dryer sheets), but so far I am really impressed with how well they turn out!  I plan on using them to make handbags, wallets, pencil pouches, eyeglass cases, etc...I may also back them with sheets of fused plastic bags for more durability and to make them 100% recycled art.

Let me know what you think, and show me what you come up with if you decide to try it out!


  1. What a great techinque! Love it Kristen. Your first tutorial is wonderful and very useful in my creative growth. Thank you for posting it! Bravo my friend. :)

  2. Thank you so much! Your feedback is so important to me and really inspires me to keep creating and playing with art everyday!

  3. Thank you for the video. Now 2 questions,please.
    What is book binding glue(name brands) & what do you mean by "fused plastic bags"?


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