Saturday, October 8, 2011

2012 Planners...Covers made from recycled dryer sheets!

Here are a few more items that I've made using my recycled/upcycled dryer sheet technique.  If you haven't seen my "How To" video tutorial on this technique, you can check it out at the end of this post.

I can't believe how sturdy the end results are!  I wish you could hold these in your hands and feel the texture.  It really has a true "leathery" feel and holds up to the sewing machine so well.  If I were more of a seamstress I would be going crazy with things to make, but unfortunately, the sewing machine and I don't usually get along very well.

These are 2012 Planners that I made the covers for out of art "cloth" using used dryer sheets as my canvas and lots of collage and paint.

I also scanned them before I folded them to make the covers...So here is what they look like front and back before folding them...

If you like these and would like to try it yourself you can watch the tutorial below.  Please post what you create, I'd love to see the results!

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