Saturday, September 15, 2012

Attention IPad Users! What are your favorite apps that you use for blogging, social networking, art, photography...etc?

I'm using a new app for posting to my blog. It's called Blogsy. This is kind of a test post. You see, in our household, the only computer we have is "my" MacBook. I say "my", because now that my girls are older, they have commandeered the laptop as their own. It's always been easier for me to post to my blog using the computer, it's just not the same with the iPad. Every time I've posted using an app called BlogPress from my iPad the formatting ends up all wonky and I have to wait until I can use my computer to make it look right.

This new app "Blogsy" looks promising! If it really does all it says it should, then I will be jumping for joy! I'm wondering if anyone out there reading this also uses their iPad for blogging and other day to day tasks.

One of the really cool things I do with mine, regarding making art, is to use it when I come to a standstill on a painting. If I'm afraid of messing it up, or am stuck and don't know what to do next, I take a picture with my iPad, upload it into an art app, like Artrage, or Sketchbook and add to it within the app. That way, if I "ruin" it I can simply delete the layer that I added, and start again. I can try out multiple ideas, come up with something I like and then have confidence continuing on with the real project. I love that I can do this! Here is an this painting "Urban Dreams" I came to a point where I knew I liked parts of the painting, but hated others and was afraid to continue for fear of destroying the whole thing. I uploaded it into Artrage, created a new layer and started painting away, deleting, and experimenting until I came up with something I really liked. Then I was able to come up with something I knew would look good and began painting it onto the canvas.

This is where I was stuck...

This is the Artrage embellished solution...

And this is the actual painting after applying my idea to the canvas.

Another way I use my iPad is to use the various photography apps. I'll upload a picture of a piece of finished art, and use various filters, frames and effects to embellish it in a variety of ways. I would really love hearing what apps you like to use. There are so many out there! I used photo lab pro to make this...

into this...

Here is another question for you, does anyone use their iPad for making videos, or video tutorials? That is something I would LOVE to do! Taking pictures and video with a camera and then uploading and editing on the computer is SOOOOOO time consuming! Is there a better way?

Well, I guess that's about it for this test blog post. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Looking forward to responses to this. I've had no luck blogging from my ipad, but I have the ipad one, which does not have great technology (not even a camera).

    1. This "Blogsy" App worked way better than the "BlogPress". It was much more user friendly (you can drag and drop pictures from your Flickr, Facebook, Picassa etc accounts right into your post from the app., and you can drag and drop from websites too). I'm hoping I will get some responses too, I know we can't be the only ones out there with the same questions!


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