Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Back...with updates from over the summer and a work in progress...

Hi! I bet you thought I was never coming back, but here I am! Now that the school year is fully underway, I can feel free to spend time again on my art and my blog. I am so excited to be back in full swing again!

My summer was extremely busy! I spent most of it coaching soccer (my daughter's select team won 3 out of the 4 tournaments we entered this summer, and took 2nd in the last one). And the rest of the time was spent enjoying my family, friends and my dogs! The first dog is Slash, he entertains us 24/7...the second is Bella, the sweetest girl you'll ever meet ( when she's not barking anyway...) and the last picture is of myself and my daughters Mylie (13) and Ivy (10).
I am really excited about the doors that are opening for me in the art world! I am showing my work in three local galleries now, and have sold two paintings and quite a few of my domino art pendants as well. Three of my pieces were also accepted into the Puyallup Fair Juried Art Show, where this one (below) won an honorable mention award!
I am also working one day a week at The Crazy Lady on 4th Street Art Gallery, which is situated within the larger Amy Burnett Art Gallery in Bremerton Washington. This is really exciting, because I'm meeting all sorts of new artist friends. And if things are slow, I can even get some painting in!
In the two days I've worked I've managed to start this new work in progress...
I still have a long ways to go on this, but I think I'm off
to a good start, and can't wait to see what it ends up looking like!

I'm also working on this larger painting, and after looking at it all summer long, and not being happy with it, I think I'm ready to scrap it and start all over again,
I guess that about sums up what's been going on in the past few months. I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are still finding time to play and create!


  1. Congrats to the girls (from one soccer mom to another)!
    Your artwork is beautiful - love the juried piece and the face.


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