Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've been in Jewelry mode!

Here is some more jewelry I've been creating...I love creating charms and dangles and wire wrapped beads and combining them into interesting pendants, bracelets and necklaces!

A great way to get some creative time in each day!


  1. Hi Kristen
    I have only just found you via my interest in pinterest and instagram on my iphone. What a find!!!!
    I have been blogging for a long time and have been interested in many forms of craftwork all my life (60! Years old now) you have so inspired me with your beautiful work thank you so much. Just wanted you to know you are valued.
    Love and hugs Susan xxx

    1. Wow, this is such a nice compliment and encouraging post. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and write such a heart warming comment. Your words are uplifting and the kind of comment that helps keep me moving forward in my journey...Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Lovely! What a wonderful collection. Making jewelry is one of the few things I haven't tried. It's so cool the way you've combined the different beads and little charms all together. Such a great look.

    1. Thank you so much! I find making jewelry a little more compact and less messy/easier clean-up than my usual mixed media art projects! I am hoping to open my Etsy store again with some of these items. I just need to figure out how to get better pictures of everything!


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