Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Art Journaling an easy way to play with art everyday...

My family and I just returned from a 10 day annual vacation hunting deer in Eastern Washington.  We are basically camping for that entire time and living out of a tent.  No electricity, no running water, no showers!  I wasn't sure I could  haul art supplies along and get anything accomplished...But I wasn't going to go that long without being able to play with my art supplies!  So I packed up one shopping bag with everything under the sun, colored pencils, a few paints, some scrapbooking paper, modge podge, paint brushes, markers, stamps and ink pads and a few art journals I work in.  Here are pictures of various pages that I worked on in various stages of completion.


  1. I love these journal pages, your artwork is fabulous. I have just bought my very first art journal after being inspired by Tam and all the creative members on Willowing.

  2. Thank yo so much Lavender Rose! I began my journey into art and art journaling last January and Tam was one of the first artists I came across that I was inspired by. I took some classes from Suzi Blu and Hands and Heart and was planning on taking a class from Tam when I could afford the money and the time, so imagine how excited and grateful I was yesterday when I discovered her class that she is offering for free. My advice with art journaling is this: Don't care about what the end result looks like, just dive in and enjoy the process! I should post a picture of my first ever journal entry, it's awful! But enjoying the process is what really keeps you going, and so you improve at a rapid rate! Enjoy that art journal! Play every day in it, even if it's just a few minutes!


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