Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Recycled Dryer Sheet Art!

I spent the last few days creating more mixed media art cloths using the fabric softener sheets that you throw in the dryer.  I recycle them after they've been used.  Awhile back I created a video tutorial on how to create these versatile little masterpieces.  If you would like to view it you can see it here.

Here are the cloths I made recently, the only difference between these and the ones on the tutorial are that I glued and collaged multiple pieces of dryer sheet to make larger works of art.  I plan on making a clutch or bag of some sort with this first one.  This piece was made using 2 rows of 4 dryer sheets each.

This next one was created with one row of 3 dryer sheets

And this one was created using 1 row of 4 dryer sheets

I can't wait to post the finished hand bag, but I'm not much of a seamstress, so it may be awhile!  But my goal is to create a class teaching you how to create larger cloths and assembling them into things like bags, journal covers, wallets etc...


  1. Something I thought I'd mention also is that baby wipes that have dried up would work well for this project as well. (Of course, not used baby wipes!) Ha Ha!

  2. Beautiful textures.
    I love the colors.

    I never thought of using dryer sheets in such a creative way.

    Thanks for the tips.

  3. You are so very welcome! I think this would be a great and fairly inexpensive art project for elementary school kids!

  4. they are lovely really vibrant colours


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