Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Gifts with a personal touch....I love this idea/tutorial!

I wanted to share with you this great tutorial on making a mini organizer.  I thought these would make such great handmade gifts!  Instead of using scrapbook papers, I would use my own hand painted papers or prints of original artwork, but either way...these are super cool!

The tutorial is really well done as well.  Easy to follow instructions that I think just about anyone can figure out.

If your looking for ideas for Christmas gifts...take a look!  I think these will be fun!

Here's another tutorial that shows how to make it with the pad of paper and pencil...The video quality on this tutorial is a little sketchy in some parts (not sure why that is), but I like the instructions on this one because she goes in to a little more detail...

Have fun!  I'll post mine when I'm finished and let you know how it went!  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out their in blogland!

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