Saturday, November 5, 2011

Works in Progress...

Still working, or mainly "practicing" because I have so much to improve upon and learn!  Here are the products of my latest practice session.


  1. I love how you created the rest of the piece with the stamp--it's beautiful.
    But my favorite is the last one--very fun and unique!

  2. Beautiful! I wish my "practice" could look so good :) The middle piece is my favorite although they are all great!

  3. I love the middle one, it looks so aged and like it was 'found' somewhere....a look of contentment in solitude!!! I'm thinking of starting drawing some faces....I've done most of my 'girls' in digital art, so much easier than paper, for some reason!!! Thanks for the're doing fabulous.

  4. Thank you RuthArt and everyone, for the wonderful comments and support!


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