Friday, March 30, 2012

Check This Out!!! Artist Michael Shapcott....Drawing A Drawing 365

I think I'm on a roll today for posting to my blog!  Another artist who inspires me is Michael Shapcott.  I've posted about him on my facebook page, but I don't think I have here on my blog.  There are no words to describe his portrait art for me.  It's that good.  Looking at his portrait paintings stirs up emotion in me every time.  He has a unique way of capturing the human spirit.  It's all in the eyes!

Anyway, he's trying to fund a project, which I just pledged a small amount to help support.  Here is the information if you wish to find out more!

And here is another video of him painting

And can learn more about Michael Shapcott and see more of his art here on his BLOG. Check it out, his work is beautiful, his blog is full of great stuff! You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Thanks Kristen for turning me onto this project "Drawing a Drawing 365". I'm now a backer too! Michael Shapcott is so gifted. I'm looking forward to learning from him & discovering his unique techniques!


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