Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daily "Arting"...

Daily Arting is about taking time to nurture your creative self everyday. Arting is about playing with your supplies. It's about not thinking too hard, being generous with yourself and letting go of expectations. Arting is about expressing yourself regardless of the aesthetics. Arting is all about the journey.
Julie-Fei-Fan Balzer
Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine
May/June 2012 Issue

This quote is from an article in my newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine If I had been asked what my thinking behind the name "Art Play Today" was, this quote says it all. I only wish I could express myself like that!

If you have a passion for creating, whether it be art, music, dance or cooking, or anything else...these words apply to you too, and if embraced, can be life changing.

Just let go, quit telling yourself you "can't" and (as the Nike saying goes) JUST DO IT! Who cares if it doesn't look good in the end, you don't have to show anyone! People, I'm telling you...the JOY is in the process, not the end product. Start today if you yearn to be a little each day, or a lot, whatever fits, but just DO something creative each and every day.

It makes me sad when people say they wish they could be creative, and then never take that first step...Believing that they can.

BELIEVE, that's a word that crops up a lot in my artwork. Why? Because I finally realized after years of telling myself "I'm not good enough" and worrying about what others think, and comparing everything I do to someone else and always coming up short in my own mind, I FINALLY realized that all it takes to be successful (in anything) is simple...Believe that you can.

It starts with letting go of fear, taking a deep breath and diving in head first. It isn't always easy, and I'd be lying if I told you I didn't doubt and second guess myself almost every day. The key is to put a stop to all the negative self talk that goes on in your head, as soon as it starts. Replace it with positive thoughts, even if you don't believe them at first, you will eventually. Because its very true that we are what we think we are. And who is in control of our thoughts? Us of course, you and me! No one can Make us feel good or bad about ourselves...we choose what we want to believe, so BELIEVE in yourself!!!

If you haven't ever read the Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, pick it up sometime, it's helpful to be inspired!

I think you can probably tell...I'm inspired today.

Hugs to you all!

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  1. Amen, Kristen! I couldn't have put it better myself. I feel sad for those who won't allow themselves to just create. I love the face on the map - I'm so stealing that for my autumn travel journal! :o)

    1. Thank you! And I'm glad you like the face! I love to draw and paint faces with something showing through the background. I'm not done with this one, but the post needed a picture and this one seemed to fit!

  2. Kristen--Thanks for the inspiring pep talk. I think I will make BELIEVE my new word of the moment! I've had a lot of negative talk going on in my head lately so your post has really made me feel better--THANK YOU! And I love the face over map--I too am borrowing that idea--maybe for a self portrait.

    1. Yay! I'm glad my post made you feel better! And when you get that self portrait done, please share! I'd love to see! Oh, and the face over the map is definitely not my original idea, I've seen lots of artwork done over maps, but it sure looks cool, I love the effect!

  3. Beautiful words Kristen... all so true and heartfelt... and I just ADORE your gorgeous girl... the map background is incredibly wonderful...

    Jenny x

    1. Thank you so much Jenny, I'm not much of a writer myself, so when I can actually express myself with a little help and inspiration from someone who writes well I love it! I noticed that your blog was also on "the best of the web" feature at pocketchange lifestyle blog! Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by!


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