Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obsessed with Dominoes!

I've really been into making jewelry lately (as you can see from my last few posts), partly because I feel afraid to start a new painting as I have several unfinished laying around.  I can't seem to get anything going that I like.  So instead, I've been using some prints of my existing art and few new small artworks to make dominoe and soldered glass slide pendants.  I LOVE the dominoes!  They are so fun to work with, and I just love the weight and feel of them (I also love the sound of them when they click together).  I'm starting to amass quite a collection!  Here is a look at what I've been doing!


  1. They all are very pretty. I love this art and your painting looking so good on these pieces.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Hiya... just popped over from Hands and Heart. Your art jewellery is really should put it on etsy :D
    Chris xx

  3. I'm So glad you came for a visit Chris! I hope you stop by often! I appreciate your feedback so much! Thanks for the great compliment!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I just hopped over here - lovely work. Love the pendants (bird on the mug is my favorite). ♥

  5. Thank you so much "Charming designs" and Geri! I appreciate your visit to my blog and hope you'll come visit again soon!

  6. Do you sell these domino pendants? Amazing and I see three which are "got to have".


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