Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is My Art "Good Enough" ? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If your answer is yes, than this little gem is a "MUST" see.  I discovered it at just the right time in my journey.  This question "Am I good enough to be an "Artist"?" has been pestering my brain for a while now.  When I first started to create, I was excited and so inspired...but  as I have continued to create, I find myself having a lot of self doubt and questioning whether I deserve to call myself an artist.  My message to anyone who experiences the same bullying from their inner critic, is to WATCH THIS VIDEO and continue pushing forward and doing what you love to do!!!!

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

YOU and your art are more than "Good Enough".  You are an inspiration to those around you and following your passion is what you must do!  I hope in sharing this video you will find the courage to continue on your quest, squash that inner critic and if you found this post to be helpful... pass this message on!


  1. Thank you Kristen for this!! And yes, everyone is an artist--no matter what they do. I really believe that--anything that comes out of us is some form of art--unique--just like a fingerprint!

  2. I've seen this before and it is certainly worth watching again and again...thanks!!!

  3. Yes Kristen - good words of encouragement - thanks for this!

  4. This was so encouraging, really enjoyed this, thanks :-) C


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