Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've Gone Doodle Crazy!

I'm loving Traci Bautista's Doodles Unleashed class over at Strathmore.  I've gone a little doodle crazy...
Here are a few of my doodle pages!

If you haven't all ready, go to Strathmore and check it out.  They are offering 3 free workshops.  Doodles Unleashed is the first one and we are starting week 3 tomorrow!  I'm thinking you can still sign up, but I'm not positive on that.  Anyway,  I'm having a lot of fun can you tell?

Have a Happy and Creative week!!!


  1. I saw your tutorial on cloth paper scissors and LOVED the dryer sheets Your doodles are so great too-I am so happy to have found you
    a fellow flyer?

  2. Great doodles- I've been following Traci's workshop too! So much fun and freedom! Patsy from


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