Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And the School Year Begins....Big Sigh!

My two girls started school today.  I have a 3rd grader and a 6th grader.  I was so relieved that both girls, once we got to school, were excited about the day and there were no tears.  My youngest has an anxiety disorder, so every year we have had such a hard time getting her to school, especially the first week and after extended breaks.  She was very brave this morning, not even a quiver of the chin and lower lip!  She came home excited about her day and again...I'm so relieved!

My morning didn't start off well though, I got a speeding ticket after leaving the school, I was distracted worrying about how the kids would do and didn't notice the speed limit sign change from 35 to 25.  I got a whopping $150 ticket!  Grrrr....grumble, husband is NOT going to be happy with me!  Oh well, lesson learned, I should have been paying more attention I guess!

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