Saturday, September 4, 2010

Image Transfer Technique using Transparency Film

I transferred this over from my previous blog at wordpress. I can't wait to try this technique. I found a whole package of inkjet transparencies at the local Goodwill (thrift store) yesterday. I've been wanting to get some, but they were too expensive at the office supply store. I only paid 99 cents for an unopened package of 50! What a treat! I will post whatever it is I come up with when I'm finished experimenting. I'm totally inspired!


  1. That was a great technique tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing it! He makes it look so easy!
    I just wanted to welcome you to the Artist Blog Hop! I hope you will receive as much inspiration from these artists as I have. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Happy creating! Kelly Watts

  2. Once again my friend you have found an awesome technique and shared it with all of us! Thank you! I love your new blog. Its so peaceful and inspirational! I wish all your dreams come true..Many Sweet Blessings to you! Big Hugz :)

  3. Thank you Kelly I love your Artist's Blog Hop! I'm looking forward to hopping! I love this technique too, I still haven't had a chance to try it myself but I have big plans for it! Can't wait to share the results!

  4. Rita thank you so much for your sweet comment. You are such an encouraging, supportive friend! I'm so happy I switched my blog from wordpress to blogger, it's so much easier to use!


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