Wednesday, February 15, 2012

29 Faces Challenge: Face #15

I like my little houses stamp as you can see.  I use it a lot, like here at the bottom.  I started this page in my journal a long time ago to see what some new pastels I had purchased would look like.  Today I decided to paint a face over the background.  I couldn't get the gesso to completely cover the background, so there are different lines peaking through her face.  I've decided I like her that way.  So today's painting was started with pastels and I used the black micron pen and acrylic paints to finish it off.

I think my husband will be happy when this challenge is over!  I'm so obsessed with making sure I get something finished to post everyday that I've sort of been neglecting some of the usual housework...Oops!  I need to start selling some artwork so I can hire a housekeeper...Right?!*


  1. ... and life as if it is reality already :-)...

  2. Another lovely face! And yes, I'd have to say it is rather time consuming keeping up with this challenge -- it really is a lot to paint/photograph/upload/edit/write/post every day, and, yep, my messy house is rather reflecting this fact as well....! All very much worth it though, because it's just really fun to participate in, and good practice, plus I"m meeting so many wonderful fellow artists :-). But I think I will be both sad AND relieved when this challenge is over with (which will be soon because we're already half-way!)....

  3. She's beautiful. Love the colors!
    I know what you mean with neglecting the housework... I thought I made art every day, but with this challenge I discovered that, although I draw a lot, I don't always do it every day. Now that I "have to", I've found it is a lot of hard work, and normal life sometimes just gets in the way. I'm with Patience on this: I will be both sad and relieved when it's over ....

  4. Oh I love your pastels. She looks lovely.
    A house keeper......what a lovely dream :o) I want one too!

  5. This is really really gorgeous! Great work!

  6. This is really beautiful, I especially like it because of the lines peeking through, it gives her a little more "funk". Anyway, LOVE her!

  7. Your faces and backgrounds are all so great. Did you make the little village stamp at the bottom? I love it!


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