Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Faces Challenge: Faces # 27, 28, 29...The End

Well, I'm both relieved and sad to end the 29 Faces challenge...This was the first "challenge" I've ever taken part in, and I have learned so much and met some great artists/friends along the way!  I just may have to find myself another challenge to try again soon!  I'm still determined to get 100 faces done, so I'll be working toward that goal too.  Here they are, the last 3 faces (well 4)!
I haven't finished any of them, but I did get them and one other sketched out.  Started on the shading of the face on the first one....lots to do!


  1. They are all beautiful... I have loved visiting here... your faces are always so lovely... and the challenge so much fun:))

    Jenny x

  2. Wonderful faces. It has been an inspiring challenge. I'm glad to have known you. :)

  3. Beautiful faces, beautiful shading. Nice to see you've "finished" the challenge!

  4. Thanks for all your support and sweet comments during the challenge. I've really enjoyed seeing your faces. I've subscribed by email, so I'll be able to continue on your creative journey. P.S. I DON'T keep up with all those blogs anymore! LOL


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