Sunday, February 12, 2012

29 Faces Challenges: Face #12

Here is Face # 12.  I feel like I need to do more, maybe lighten her face a little at least but things are busy around here, so I knew I had to get her posted early. I titled this one "Memories", because to me, that's what it looks like she's doing, thinking back to something in the past...I'm really horrible at coming up with titles for artwork!

Hope everyone has a nice week and time for creative play!


  1. You're so much better than me in getting your faces up on time! Love this one! It could be called "No Place Like Home" inspired by the little homes running across the bottom. Love how you design and choose interesting elements to add to your paintings! I better get on it... have two to do today! Best always~ Laura

  2. Oh she is gorgeous... she really does look like she is thinking too... your background is fab... love the little houses at the bottom...

    Jenny x

  3. She's lovely -- such a soothing color palette. And a nice title too :-). Though indeed, coming up with that 'perfect' title can be a challenge at times -- that one that manages to 'say it all', with brevity. Not easy!

  4. She does look a little melancholy, in a lovely way. I also love the houses and the writing in the background.

  5. You're fast! And you even get a background done! Well done! Cute those little houses. Is that a stamp?

  6. your work is adorable and I love the little city below :-)


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