Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Best Day Ever in the Art World!

I am living proof today, that you cannot judge or doubt your own work as an excuse not to show it or try to sell it or have it in a gallery!  I have struggled with self-confidence all my life, and work really hard to combat that, but even now at 46 years old I still have my moments of doubt.

I paint with two other artists most every Wednesday.  Both of my friends are EXTREMELY talented watercolor artists with a lot of experience and success showing and selling their work both online and in galleries.  I on the other hand, have no training in art whatsoever, and am just beginning to feel like I might be able to sell some things I've created.  I've entered some of my pieces in 3 different juried art shows and was not accepted to any of them.  Those rejections kind of started the whole self-doubt thing and caused me to start questioning whether or not my work was good enough to consider myself an "Artist".

A new art gallery opened about 4 months ago in Poulsbo, Washington, and they were having an open screening for artists today.  My friend was going to show some of her work there and I decided to go along with her.  I wasn't going to bring any of my art, but she encouraged me to, so I went for it....with a lot of doubt about whether or not I should even show it to them.  It's hard to consider myself in the same class as "Fine Art" Artists. When I walked through the gallery doors, my heart did flip flops in my chest as I stared in awe at all the beautiful artwork displayed there! This gallery is by far, the nicest art gallery I have ever walked into!  The layout is amazing, their displays put together so well, I could stay there for hours drooling at the huge pool of talent represented there!

First Jani showed her work and they immediately accepted several pieces with interest in seeing more of her work (She's an amazing artist, you can see her work HERE on her Facebook page).  I was next....I felt so un-professional as  I pulled out my originals, only one of which was on canvas and ready to hang.  The rest were originals that I haven't had framed yet.  I had no "artist statement", no "artist resume", no promotional cards or brochures, only my business card and my raw art.

I know this is a long story, and I'm sure you've guessed that the results and outcome were good, But I just want to say I was astounded at their VERY positive reaction to my work.  So interested in fact that I was handed a contract and they accepted 7 of the 10 pieces I showed!  So I am ecstatic and so thankful for this major opportunity to get my art out there and maybe even sell a few pieces!

The name of the gallery is Blue Water Artworks in Poulsbo, Washington.  Poulsbo is emerging as a major "go to" destination for art in the Pacific Northwest.  It is a quaint little waterfront town, with several galleries lining both sides of the main street.  I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not just dreaming all of this!

So sometime in March my work will be hanging on the walls of the Blue Water Artworks Gallery!!!! Here are the pieces that they will display...

You can see this painting in it's different stages of development in an older post HERE

So my advice to anyone questioning their work.  DON"T.  It's all subjective and what one person dislikes, another will love! 


  1. Wow, Kristen, congratulations! You must feel on top of the world now. Good on you! It's true, it is subjective, and you should never hold back believing in yourself (although I admit it's hard, I have the same feeling over and over again when I look too much at other people's art...)Just keep painting!

  2. Congratulations, Kristen...well deserved praise for your artwork! I am not very creative, so I am astounded that you would even doubt yourself--but I'm glad you went for it. I'm also glad you have friends who encourage you. Looking forward to seeing your show!

  3. Congratulations! That is fabulous, and so well deserved.
    ps I'm having trouble commenting with the new verification stuff.

  4. you can defenetly count me to the group that LOOOOOOVE your work.... absolutely amazing. The first peace is stunning ♥

  5. Hi Kristen-I discovered you thru the Strathmore ATC swap and I am glad I did. I LOVE you work!!! I was browsing thru your blog when I found this post. Congratulations on getting your pieces in the gallery! I was particularly interested to learn that you, too, are new at this "art thing" and have insecurities. Seeing you push thru them is very encouraging. Thanks for being you!


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